When patients stop exercising: insights from PT Momentum

The key to successful rehabilitation is following physiotherapist’s instructions to the letter. In most cases, when recovering after a trauma or surgery, a therapist will recommend to do the exercises daily, but not all patients do so. Digital healthcare solutions allow us to track their usage by patients and come up with useful insights that can be used to adjust the course of treatment. Interested to find out more? Then keep reading!


A few years back, we created a solution called the PT Momentum app for PhysioTools, the the world’s leading exercise provider company. The idea behind the solution is to replace paper handouts to patients with a mobile app encouraging them to exercise more effectively. PT Momentum was unveiled in 2014 and, nowadays, is used worldwide (we’ve talked about it a bit in our company’s story). You can check out the app in AppStore and in Google Play.


The way the app works is simple. A therapist compiles an individual exercise program for a patient, and then he or she сan use the app at home when it works best for them. The app does send push notifications regularly to remind the users to log in and exercise. The therapist can then review how the training program goes.


Here’re some interesting stats we got from the PT Momentum usage. In March 2018, there was:

  • almost 70,000 user accounts in the app,
  • almost 125,000 developed exercise programs,
  • Almost 9,500 devices that receive notifications.

We looked at the days when the users log in most often throughout the past six months and noticed something interesting. Turns out, there were three times more patients using PT Momentum on the weekdays than on the weekends. Moreover, that six months period included Christmas and New Year holidays — and during that time, the amount of active daily users dropped even more:


What does information give us? Therapists can become aware of this trend and adjust the training programmes accordingly. If patients tend to skip exercising a couple of days a week, the expected recovery time is a bit longer. The patients can also be recommended to skip particularly hard exercises on Monday after the weekend break and build up the intensity during the week. These are just some ideas that, we hope, help therapists understand their patients a bit better.


If you have any feedback, ideas or questions, let us know. Check out the PT Momentum app here and read more about what Goodlife Technology does here.