The Glider = The beginning

For you to get a better picture of us, it is time to tell a bit more about the project that leads to the creation of our company, GoodLife Technology. It was called “The Glider”. It was a full richly detailed video game developed from an idea to find out what happens if we bring a game to a hospital world. It was developed together with Carea, Kymenlaakso Social and Health Service, in South-East of Finland. The glider was designed for stroke survivors who needed to activate their core muscles to learn to walk again. The controlling device of the Glider was peoples own bodies where the movements were sensed by the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360. The controlling movements were chosen and designed by Physiotherapists and Neurologists of Carea.


The game was a success and is still in use. Both patients and therapists liked Glider: the game could make the user repeat certain movements, for example standing rotation, for over 300 times in a few minutes which made rehabilitation seem less of a burden and more fun. As it was a start of a futuristic way of exercising for the patients, it was a start of a new era for the founders of GoodLife. It was a moment of realization that with our skills, we can do good! So it began: GoodLife Technology