Our Story

Before GoodLife

Our story began in the city of Kotka in 2007 where the soon-to-be founder of Goodlife Technology Janne Niittymäki joined a startup called Nitro Games. His goal was to develop Nitro Games from a garage stage into a serious company. Nitro Games was developing video games for PCs, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. At some point, the team realized that the expertise they possessed could be applied elsewhere — and they started projects for libraries and museums (including such high profile Finnish customers as The Finnish Science Center Heureka and Maritime Center Vellamo).

The Glider

The biggest deal breaker for Janne and his team was a project called Glider developed together with a local health provider Carea. Glider was a graphic game for stroke survivors: the game was based on the users moving their bodies and sensing it with Microsoft Kinect. The idea was to activate core muscles so that users would learn to walk again. This project helped Janne’s team find their passion in applying their skills to something that would actually help people.

The decision

Both patients and therapists liked Glider: the game could make the user repeat certain movements for over 300 times in a few minutes which made rehabilitation seem less of a burden and more fun. The solution is still used by Carea’s physiotherapists, but from business model point of view, it wasn't reasonable to develop a high-cost solution for just one problem. It was time to decide whether we continue video game development or start applying our expertise in gaming elsewhere, and we chose the latter.

The Company

In 2013, Janne Niittymäki and Hannu Vuola, one of Nitro Games investors, founded a company that they, later on, called GoodLife Technology. We started showcasing Glider in different events, and at one of them, we met the PhysioTools team. PhysioTools is world’s leading physiotherapy software developer. They were looking for mobile solutions, saw that Goodlife Technology was capable of creating them which led to a partnership.

First solution

The solution we created for PhysioTools is the PT Momentum app (available in AppStore and in Google Play). The idea was to replace paper handouts to physiotherapy patients with a mobile app encouraging them to exercise more effectively. PT Momentum was unveiled 2014 and, nowadays, it’s used worldwide.

GoodLife Trainer

The experience and feedback we received during our work on PT Momentum lead us to widening our portfolio satisfying the needs of our customers even better. We are now offering our newer state-of-the-art solutions for remote rehabilitation and quality measured individual training, and thus, we are changing the way people think about rehabilitation.

GoodLife Trainer is a family of solutions that provide people with different needs and technological background, the exercise instructions in highly understandable form and easy usability. GoodLife Trainer solutions were launched during 2018. For more information, please check out our products page.