Since we started our company, we have acquired a number of partners and joined a few big projects supporting the disruption of physiotherapeutic care. Read more about our company’s journey and read more about each organization we’ve partnered up with below.

StartUp Health
StartUp Health is a global movement uniting healthcare disruptors. They chose Goodlife Technology to be one of the first five European companies to join the StartUp Health accelerator. Read more about StartUp Health here:

Palvelukeskus Helsinki
Palvelukeskus provides assisted living services to the city of Helsinki. They needed the physiotherapy solution which would allow both the professional and (mostly) elderly clients not to travel long distances for a session. For that, we created the Remote Trainer, which made remote physical therapy possible with the help of the existing tools that Palvelukeskus already had. Read more here:

New Espoo Hospital
The city of Espoo opened their brand new rehabilitation hospital with 270 patient beds in March 2017. The hospital’s strategy is to raise the active rehabilitating time for their VIP-clients, as they call them, for them to stay active up to 6 hours per day. Our Microsoft-Kinect based solution for physiotherapy is one of the tools to achieve that.

PhysioTools is Goodlife Technology’s first partner. It’s a Finnish company based in the city of Tampere. PhysioTools is the leading provider in the world with 21,000 exercises in their library available in 28 languages. 250,000 physiotherapists all over the world use their software. Goodlife Technology created the PT Momentum app for PhysioTools. The idea was to offer an alternative to the industry standard paper handouts in the form of a mobile app, encouraging them to exercise more effectively. Read more about the company here:

Cognituner is a company developing a mobile app for cognitive rehabilitation for patients recovering from brain injury, developmental disorders or dealing with aging. Goodlife Technology is building the tech and supporting the business growth. You can read about this project here:

Microsoft BizSpark Plus
Goodlife Technology one of the companies in BizSpark Plus, a development runway for startups run by Microsoft. BizSpark Plus collaborates and connects companies with dozens of accelerators all over the world. What makes this place even more unique is the opportunity to use tools for developing your solution provided by Microsoft. GoodLife is using a wide variety of Microsoft tools in the current projects including Azure, Xbox One, Kinect, Skype for Business and Xamarin for all mobile development. Read more about BizSpark Plus here:

Activage is a project aimed at creation of smart living environments based on IoT. This is part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 project. Goodlife Technology is one of the companies in the Finnish Consortium building tangible solutions for elderly care. Read more about the project here:

Business Ecosystems in Effective Exergaming
Business Ecosystems in Effective Exergaming is a research project aimed at creating evidence-based solutions for healthcare and rehabilitation in particular. Researchers and companies from Finland, Japan, Singapore, and China are involved, and Goodlife Technology is one of them. Read more about the project here:

XAMK: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) is an innovative higher education institution driven by the idea of unlimited lifelong learning and study. XAMK and GoodLife have been in close collaboration since the start of our company in 2013. Currently, we are participating in a cybersecurity project called “Cyberlab” which aims to build a new innovation platform for the future cybersecurity projects. Read more about XAMK: