GoodLife is participating in Horizon2020: Activage Project

Europe is undergoing significant socio-economic changes due to increased life expectancy and a drop in birth rate. According to the projections the percentage of the older population, over 65 years old, will increase from 18% to 28% by 2060 in the European Union. Together with widely increasing social and healthcare costs within the Union the current systems are jeopardized.

To find solutions for the problems ahead it is essential to analyze the existing technological solutions that can be used to create value for those providing welfare and healthcare to older adults.

The ACTIVAGE project is building the first European interoperable and open IoT ecosystem enabling the deployment of a wide range of activity and healthy aging IoT based solutions and services. The project aims to develop evidence on the positive impacts on health and wellbeing and the value to the service providers that can be created with the help of technology.

GoodLife is participating in the project as part of the Finnish Deployment site together with SE Innovations OyTurku University of Applied Sciences and eCareService Network (eHoiva) . The Finnish deployment site aims to develop:

  • Pre and post surgery: rehab and pain monitoring
  • Impact measuring: pain and rehab
    • Best practice models
  • Senior and early fallers rehabilitation
    • interRAI results – plan for rehabilitation and impact (KPI)
  • Effective rehabilitation
    • Cost saving and faster back to work processes (how to get best results for money invested)
  • Professional match with rehab customers
  • Online situational view regarding customers


To do that the Finnish DS uses an IoT based ecosystem focused on digital rehabilitation. GoodLife is an essential part of the ecosystem with GoodLife Trainer product family which provides exercise instructions in an accessible and usable way to the elderly.

Sources and further reading:

Activage Project website

Activage general prochure


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