Supporting full patient journey

Hospitals and clinics

When rehabilitation starts after an injury or surgery, patient uses our latest solutions at hospital, raising the overall activity levels during the hospital stay.

Smart physical rehabilitation at home

When patients leave hospital, they continue the rehabilitation program developed by the therapist at home. The hospital specialist supervises the patient’s progress with the help of our solution integrating video conferences and physical therapy software with exercise library.

Individual training at home

When active therapy supervision is over, patients continue exercising on their own. They use a mobile app with therapist’s instructions and continue improving their physical well-being at home.

Why GoodLife Technology?

# We are creating motivating consumer driven rehabilitation processes

# We ensure value for the payers by supporting mobility, quality control and reporting

# We help service providers to engage with their clients and create new business opportunities


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Mika Huotari PhysioTools Oy

GoodLife developed an excellent mobile solution, that fits perfectly to the existing rehabilitation process. PT Momentum has been well received by therapists and their clients. The app has brought professionals new possibilities and strengthened their clients’ positive treatment experience.

Mother of a client

My daughter is getting physical therapy and it has sometimes been hard to make her do the exercises at home. Just recently she got an application called PT Momentum, and suddenly she started to take more responsibility for her exercising. From my own experience, I just wanted to share my story and tell I could really see the benefit.